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First impressions were fantastic! We’re new to the Island, and I had read many glowing reviews of Dr. Zetz and his support team, and now I’m a believer! We have four kids that will all eventually need work, I’m assuming, so I am certain we’ll be getting to know everyone there real well over the next 8 years! Everyone is very professional, knows there stuff, very thorough in explaining everything, and made my daughter feel extremely comfortable and confident. The office is neat and tidy, and very well designed, creating a friendly and relaxing environment.

Melinda Ayer

As a 41 year old adult, the last thing you want to do is get braces. Dr. Zetz and staff make you feel welcome and truly care about you on a personal level . They’re always smiling as if they’ve never had a bad day. I was so releaved with how flexible they were with appointments to fit my hectic schedule. He offers fun monthly contest for the younger patients to get involved with and even has a shuttle that can pick your child up from school if you’re unable to get your child to his office. What a great idea for those single parents. When it was time for me to get my invisline / braces off, I had people on a weekly basis tell me “ your teeth are perfect “ I always smiled and said , thank you and thanks to Dr. Zetz and his girls.

Fast forward a few months after I was done with treatment, I noticed a small change on my lower teeth, although I wore my retainers nightly they still shifted a bit. I honestly was hesitant in calling because I didn’t want to be a pain especially because I knew my treatments were done, but I also knew I wanted my teeth to be perfect. When I called, they were so sweet and said come on in, don’t you worry .

Dr Zetz didn’t hesitate, he said he’s a perfectionist and if they’re not perfect we will get them perfect. Y’all , who operates like that this day and time and without a charge ??
This is the way business should be done, so go support this fine team if you want it done right.

James Wilson

I have been working with this wonderful staff for 5 years now and continue to be very impressed with their professionalism, results, and customer service. Why is there not a 6 star option?