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Happy Moms Club

"Each visit to Crescent Moon is ALWAYS a great one. The staff is ALWAYS friendly and kind. We have to travel 3hrs for our visits and the office is ALWAYS accommodating. The staff is ALWAYS thorough and takes the time to explain every step as we move through the braces process. I absolutely love the atmosphere…and as noticed I have used the word ALWAYS few times, that’s because the service is ALWAYS the same!!! Thank you guys so much for taking such good care of my daughter and I !!!"
Liquinita T.

Cameron's Testimonial

Scotti's Testimonial

"Every single staff person was friendly and extremely helpful! Will be bringing all of my kids there and referring Dr. Zetz to all who ask. with her braces and progress."
Tamara W.
"Wonderful facility. Dentist and staff are so kind and efficient. My daughter, Eliza Stevens, is very happy with her braces and progress."
Eliza S.

Elisa's Testimonial

Mindy's Testimonial

My name is Megan and I’m here to tell you about my daughter’s amazing experience getting braces at crescent moon orthodontics. I always remember braces and think of how scary and painful it was for me. But this experience has been son incredibly easy, I am blown away. They scheduled us right away, price matched our treatment and scheduled her first appointment within a week. Kylie was a little nervous but from the time we walked in the door Dr. Zetz and his team treated her like family. And can you believe this…she has never once complained about pain. She actually looks forward to her visits and continually asks me when the next one is. So if your little one is in need of braces take my heartfelt “mom” advice and call Dr. Zetz and his team at Crescent Moon Orthodontics. And if you still need more proof do me a favor and look at all of their 5-star google Reviews…apparently, I’m not the only happy mom.

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