Orthodontist in Summerville | Retainers and Why They Are Essential

If you lost your retainer on a lunch tray in high school and haven’t bothered to get a new one, it’s not too late. As we age, our teeth move and settle. You do not want to reverse the hard work it took to get you the dazzling smile you have today.

Retainers are not only for people with braces. Anyone can use a retainer to keep your teeth straight and your bite aligned. Contact an orthodontist in Summerville to get fitted for a new retainer today.

3 Reasons Why Retainers Are Vital

Remember to wear your retainer as directed, and you will maintain your winning smile. Find out why retainers are so important:

  1. They Prevent Teeth Grinding: Wearing a retainer at night prevents you from grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw. You can also get headaches associated with these bad habits, so retainers prevent headaches as well.
  2. They Promote Dental Hygiene: Retainers keep your teeth straight, which means that they are easier to clean. When your teeth are straight, you can floss and brush with ease.
  3. They Continue to Align Teeth: Even if you are left with small gaps between your teeth after braces, a retainer will finish the job and close those gaps. If you go a couple of weeks without wearing your retainer, you can use it again to get your teeth back to the best they can be.

When you aren’t sure whether you should pay the money to replace your retainer, think of how much it would cost to straighten your teeth all over again. It is much more cost-effective to maintain your straight smile with an orthodontist in Summerville than having to correct it later.

At Crescent Moon Orthodontics, we want you to show off your smile. But, you do not have to hide your smile. Instead, make that appointment you’ve been putting with an orthodontist in Summerville. You can learn about the many options and pick the best for your lifestyle. Contact us today for your first consultation.