Here at Crescent Moon Orthodontics, we proudly offer a full range of state-of-the-art orthodontic services. This blog is to help guide you through a more in-depth look at some of what we do here, as well as the latest and greatest with all things orthodontics.

Orthodontist in Summerville | Retainers and Why They Are Essential

If you lost your retainer on a lunch tray in high school and haven’t bothered to get a new one, it’s not too late. As we age, our teeth move and settle. You do not want to reverse the hard work it took to get you the dazzling smile you have today. Retainers are not… Read more »

Orthodontics Summerville | The Advantages of Having Straight Teeth

You may not understand the benefits of having an aligned, straight smile if you live with uncorrected teeth. However, there are many benefits to having straight teeth, both hygienic and cosmetic. So let’s take a look at why you should be searching for orthodontics Summerville. The Benefits of Straight Teeth You may think that the… Read more »

Foods To Avoid With Braces | Charleston, SC

It seems ironic that the tools used to improve your teeth and bite result in temporary restrictions on what you’re able to chew easily, but taking good care of your braces now is important. Damaged braces can mean a longer treatment time. Certain foods can be hard on braces, and can even damage the hardware.… Read more »

Flossing with Braces | Charleston, SC

When wearing braces, dental hygiene becomes more important than ever. While the braces are necessary to correct problems like misaligned teeth or an over or under-bite, they also create a multitude of new spaces for plaque to form and bacteria to thrive. It’s important to clean out those spaces daily by regularly brushing and flossing,… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Braces – Charleston, SC

Most people have braces during adolescence or childhood, but they are increasingly common for adults as well. Although they can be a nuisance for a while, the benefits- straighter teeth, correction of over or under bite, and malocclusion of the teeth, last a lifetime. Taking good care of your braces helps decrease the risk of… Read more »