Are Dental Visits Required During Orthodontic Care? | Summerville Orthodontist

If you are visiting your Summerville orthodontist frequently for orthodontic care, it may seem redundant to see another teeth specialist. However, you have a professional examine your teeth every few weeks, so why would you need to schedule your regular dentist appointments?

Orthodontist Care Vs. Dental Care

Visit your Summerville orthodontist to straighten your teeth. This includes taking impressions, putting on brackets and wires, and adjusting the wires to stay on track with the treatment plan. In addition, they can provide you with tools to help with cleaning your teeth while you are wearing braces. But orthodontists do not check for cavities.

A dentist focuses on cleaning your teeth. They clean the teeth thoroughly, check for cavities, and work on any restructuring or cosmetic dental work. The deep cleaning appointments are vital in preventing buildup and cavities.

A dentist does not have anything to do with straightening your teeth. Similarly, a Summerville orthodontist has nothing to do with checking for cavities or cleaning your teeth. While you have braces, regular dental checkups and orthodontist visits are required.

Keep Up with Regular Teeth Cleaning

A dentist does not need you to remove your braces in order to check for cavities and perform teeth cleaning. They can work around the braces and even take x-rays while you have the braces on. Schedule your dental appointments every 6 months as recommended. No matter the situation with your teeth, you should never skip a dental checkup.

At Crescent Moon Orthodontics, we will work hand-in-hand with your dentist to ensure that your teeth are in the best condition while you have braces. Your teeth are important and detailed cleaning by professionals will always decrease your chances of getting cavities, with or without braces. Contact us today to learn about your braces timeline.