An Orthodontist in Summerville Explains the Stages of Braces

Visiting an orthodontist in Summerville for braces doesn’t need to be scary. Dr. Michael R. Zetz, Jr. at Crescent Moon Orthodontics is a renowned specialist in straightening smiles throughout the Low Country, with plenty of experience putting patients at ease. Here, he shares what you can expect when you come to our clinic for orthodontic treatment with braces. 

Orthodontic Consultation

Dr. Zetz meets with every patient (and their parents if a minor) for a complete orthodontic consultation. During this meeting, you can expect a complete dental evaluation, including 3D imaging to obtain digital impressions of your teeth. From these scans, Dr. Zetz can evaluate the problems with your bite and smile and design a solution, which will be explained to you in detail. 


As an experienced orthodontist in Summerville, Dr. Zetz knows the concerns most patients and parents have, and is quick to address these with transparency and compassion. He will discuss: 


  • Treatment options and costs 
  • Insurance benefits and claims 
  • Treatment timeframes 
  • Your questions 


You can expect this initial consultation to last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. 

Placement of Brace Hardware 

During this appointment, Dr. Zetz will place the brackets, wires, and other necessary hardware on the patient’s teeth. There are choices for color elastics for personalization, and we will discuss proper care of braces and oral hygiene practices to keep them clean. We will also send every patient home with tools and instructions for caring for their braces, and when to return for adjustments or if problems arise. 


About every 4-6 weeks, Dr. Zetz will need to monitor how your teeth are moving and make adjustments to the hardware. Wires are tightened, elastics are changed, any problems are handled, and you are free to go until the next scheduled adjustment appointment. As time goes on, you may space appointments up to 8 weeks apart, as Dr. Zetz directs. You may also call and come in for any problems, such as loose or broken wires or brackets. 

Removal of Braces 

Also called the debonding stage, this is when the brace hardware is removed from your teeth. The straightening work has been achieved, and after removing the brackets and hardware, your teeth are polished and a net set of 3D images are obtained for a baseline. This will also be used to construct a custom retainer if this is required for further orthodontic therapy. 

Wearing Your Retainer 

In most cases, patients will be required to wear a custom retainer to maintain the progress made by wearing braces. Dr. Zetz will provide instructions on how and when to wear your retainer, as well as care and cleaning instructions. Future appointments will be set to monitor your progress and to make necessary adjustments to keep your smile straight. 

Braces from an Orthodontist in Summerville 

Wearing braces to straighten your smile is not a huge ordeal, but it does require a time commitment and discipline. Certain foods must be avoided and particular care must be taken to maintain oral hygiene. Your talented orthodontist in Summerville at Crescent Moon Orthodontics will do everything possible to make the process as smooth as possible, and you will be pleased with your results. 


Contact us at Crescent Moon Orthodontics today to ask about braces or clear aligners for orthodontic treatment.