Month: June 2022

Summerville Orthodontist | What to Expect from Life with Braces

Summerville Orthodontist

If you run into issues while you have braces, most are easily resolved. Let your Summerville orthodontist know what happened, and the team will work swiftly to remedy any problem you encounter.

Living Life with Braces

Before identifying all the ways that your life will be different while wearing braces, think about all of the improvements that straight teeth from a Summerville orthodontist will bring to your life. You will enjoy the benefits of a dazzling smile, easy-to-brush teeth, and evenly spaced teeth that do not trap food.

Let’s take a look at what life is like with braces:

  1. Change the Way You Eat Certain Foods: While most Summerville orthodontists warn you to stay away from sticky and hard foods, you can eat many foods if you are conscious of the way you eat them. For example, eat corn on the cob by first cutting the corn from the cob. Eat apples by cutting them up into thin slices. Stay away from hard caramel and toffee that would be too sticky to enjoy, even in small pieces.
  2. Brush Teeth Soon After Eating: If you do have sticky taffy or drink caramel-colored soda or coffee, brush your teeth right away to avoid teeth decay or stains. Having the brackets on your teeth serves the purpose of straightening your teeth but also provides more surfaces for food to get stuck and cause decay.
  3. Use Additional Tools for Teeth Cleaning at Home: Instead of brushing and flossing two times per day, you will find that you need more tools to get between brackets. For example, use a floss threader to work around the wires while flossing. You can also use dental picks or proxa brushes to clear out the food that is stuck between brackets.

When you implement these easy habits, you will find the most success with your Summerville orthodontist.

At Crescent Moon Orthodontics, we want you to continue life as normal as you are straightening your teeth. Braces do not require a significant life change. After learning about these tips, you will see that braces aren’t all that bad. Contact us to learn more about your treatment plan.