Braces generally refer to the variety of equipment used to implement orthodontic care. They are customized to each patient and contain many specialized parts, each used to accomplish a specific goal of treatment.


Are Braces Right for Me?


Every patient has their own dental history and challenges. Dr. Zetz will examine your (or your child’s) teeth, take images, and even molds. This allows him to determine the best course of action for treating your teeth and reaching your treatment goals. Braces aren’t the right solution for everyone, but if you have gaps between your teeth, crowding, over or under-bite, or other malocclusions.


Types of BracesBraces Charleston SC


Braces come in the traditional metal and, in some cases, ceramics that more closely resemble the natural color of the teeth for a more discreet look. Ceramics are often a good option for adult patients, and teens who might be sensitive about the appearance of braces. Dr. Zetz of Crescent Moon is also a Preferred Provider of Invisalign, a clear system that offers a more discreet orthodontic solution.


Proper Brace Care


After the braces have been placed on your teeth, oral hygiene becomes more important than ever. Since the equipment provides places for food particles to gather and bacteria to thrive, careful brushing and flossing are even more important than before. When brushing, start with the outside of the teeth, with the brush at a straight angle. Consider an automatic rotating brush for best results. You want to make sure you are getting every surface.

When flossing, it’s important to get under the archwire. You may need to use a floss threader to accomplish this. Carefully floss each gap, using a new piece of floss for each set of teeth.

Finish by rinsing well with an antibacterial mouthwash. This will clean and soothe any irritated areas and help facilitate the natural healing process. Dr. Zetz will recommend products that are appropriate for caring for your braces.